stainless steel limestone surfactant antistatic agent

  • JEFFAMINE Polyetheramines Overview -

    • Antistatic agents • Epoxy modifiers • Textile treating • Water-based coatings ... • Salts may be readily formed for use in surfactants • Co-monomer in nylons . ... Heat exchange Surfaces Stainless steel . Hoses Stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, TEFLON ...

  • Custom Chemicals - Refinery, Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas ...

    FQE Solvent-ME is a concentrated solvent cleaner containing aromatic solvents with a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and penetrating agents. It is very effective in dissolving high mole weight waxes and asphaltenes. ... and anti-static agents. It is highly effective in dissolving solid hydrocarbon deposits, various vinyl and acrylic ...

  • CLR® Pro Industrial Products Frequently Asked Questions

    If Tarn-X is used on the stainless steel blade, it will discolor it. Look on the blade of your knife for silver or stainless steel stamp or contact the manufacturer. If in doubt, test in a small, hidden area.

  • US4743476A - Method for producing thermoplastic articles ...

    A method for producing thermoplastic articles having an antistatic armor coating comprises: Coating a thermoplastic part with a solution of an organic solvent in which the thermoplastic material is soluble, the organic solvent also including a dissolved surfactant including at least one metallic salt compound, until the solvent solution penetrates the plastic surface.

  • Chem-Star, Inc. an Innovative Specialty Chemical Company

    A concentrated acidic cleaner and brightener for aluminum and stainless steel. Formulated to emulsify oils and greases, solubilize rust, metal oxides and hard waterscale. It is particularly effective for cleaning an brightening aluminum and stainless steel trailer and tanker bodies.


    AMMONYX 4 performs as an emollient as well as a conditioning and antistatic agent. It imparts softness and manageability to hair. Antistatic properties eliminate combing problems and give a smooth feel to hair. ... AMMONYX 4 can be stored in vessels of 316 stainless steel or fiberglass with a corrosion liner. Contact between quaternaries and ...

  • antistatic agent - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    The antistatic agent is a kind of amphiphilic molecule belonging to the organic polymer surfactant. The structural formula of the antistatic agent can be abbreviated to R - Y - X . The R terminal is nonpolar lipophilic hydrocarbon chain, such as CH, C 6 H 5 , and so on.

  • Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. Products for HI&I

    Flexishine CP-100 (for Stainless Steel) Water-dilutable, concentrated surfactant and fine oil emulsion used to create a one-step cleaner/polish/protector for stainless steel appliances. Flexiclean SS-100 Concentrated aqueous emulsion used to impart high gloss to vinyl, rubber,

  • Specialty Filters - united filters international

    United Filters International manufactures numerous specialty filters for a wide variety of industries and applications including potable water treatment, viscous fluid filtration, high contaminant load, and high purity applications. UFI Stainless Steel "Scavenger" Filters are specified for high ... Free of Surfactants, Anti-static Agents ...

  • Types Of Cleaning Detergents | GSA

    A surfactant (Surface Active Agent). ... CAUTION: Acid cleaners can be detrimental to many types of surfaces such as paint, stainless steel, aluminum and almost all floor types. ... Not recommended for use on limestone, marble or light-colored brick, unless applied in very low concentrations (3%) and rinsed immediately with copious amounts of ...

  • Peg600, Peg600 Suppliers and Manufacturers at offers 28 peg600 products. such as free samples.

  • Surfactants | SPI Supplies

    Stainless Steel Aluminum Titanium Lift Out Grids Beryllium Nylon K-kit Grid Cleanliness ... Surfactants; Surfactants. Click to enlarge. Surfactants. ... Item 04768-AB. $107.02 Victawet 12 Surface Release Agent, 500g Item Z02473. From $79.31 Triton X100 Nonionic Surfactant Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate Ether Item Z09910. From $10.00 Catalog Sections ...

  • Evonik Industries - Specialty Chemicals - Productfinder

    Popular surfactant for use as a drying agent and carnauba drying agent for car or vehicle care formulations. ... Use for mineral acid applications on mild and stainless steel to inhibit corrosion. It is designed to not discolor in most acid solutions. ... This cationic surfactant is useful for corrosion inhibition, anti-static ingredients ...

  • US005102741A United States Patent (19) 5,102,741 Apr. 7 ...

    antistatic agent dispersed in the organic polymer; the ... core bar formed of a metal such as iron and stainless steel, and an elastic layer having releasability and com ... having 20-50 wt.% of a higher alcohol-type surfactant and an antistatic agent such as a polyether-modified

  • Epic™ C Series Filter Cartridges - FlowTech Corporation

    The automated manufacturing process used to produce EPIC C Series cartridges uses high purity polypropylene resin to produce a final product that is free of surfactants, anti-static agents…


    anionic surfactant, it has significant thickening effect. ... products. ˗ CAB has antibiotic function, being a good additive in personal sanitary products. ˗ CAB has excellent antistatic function, being an ideal conditioning agent. Applications ... product can have a corrosive effect during storage in stainless steel …

  • 6oz. R&R Lotion I.C. Antistatic Dissipative ESD Safe ...

    Antistatic ESD safe dissipative solvent dispenser bottle with stainless steel pump Static free, ESD safe, antistatic Bottle has an average surface resistivity of 10 raise to power 9 to 10 raise to power 10 ohm per square and will dissipate a static charge of +/- 5000V in less than two seconds

  • Performance Products

    • Readily forms salts for surfactant use • Gives coatings free of surface blush prevalent ... • Antistatic agents • Epoxy modifiers • Textile treating • Water-based coatings ... Stainless steel Hoses Stainless steel, polyethylene,

  • Chemical Agent Formulation | Products & Suppliers ...

    Acetone was a physical blowing agent (for- mulation A) and produced gas until the foam height reached the maximum level, and water was a chemical agent ( formulation B) and produced basically carbon dioxide as a gas during the reaction (Eq.

  • Hard Surfaces market segment - ICT

    Compatibilizes surfactants in high electrolyte formulations. ... concentrated surfactant and fine oil emulsion used to create a one-step cleaner/polish/protector for stainless steel appliances. ... Solvent-based repellent and protector for hard surfaces such as limestone, granite, marble, slate, Saltillo, travertine, and concrete.

  • ESD Safe Bottle - Cleanroom Equipment and Supplies

    ESD Safe Bottle [ESD Bottle] These ESD safe bottles are made with a new process of molding polyethylene bottles with a concentrate that does not contain "Exthoxylated tertiary amine," which is widely used as an anti-static agent.

  • Antistatic resin composition - Kureha Kagaku Kogyo ...

    Feb 09, 1982· The antistatic resin composition of the present invention is a composition obtained by adding an antistatic agent selected from anionic surfactants to a base resin prepared by admixing 7 to 100 parts, preferably 10 to 100 parts, and more preferably 10 to 90 parts, of the graft copolymer (A) described above with 0 to 93 parts, preferably 0 to 90 ...

  • 4oz. R&R Lotion I.C. Antistatic Dissipative ESD Safe ...

    R&R Lotion I.C. antistatic dissipative ESD safe solvent dispenser bottle with stainless steel anti-splash/purity pump. Clean room blue static dissipative solvent containers have an average surface resistivity of 10 raise to power 9 to 10 raise to power 10.

  • Claris Series FilterCartridges - Microelectronics

    Cartridges do not use surfactants, anti-static agents, binders, and adhesives. ProductSpecifications Materialsofconstruction Filter media: Polypropylene End caps 2: Polypropylene Extended core 2: Stainless steel Extruded core: Polypropylene Gaskets/O-rings 2: Silicone elastomer, ... Claris ® Series FilterCartridges

  • Technical Data Sheet - INEOS

    Technical Data Sheet ... Water dilutions of EO/PO Block copolymers are corrosive to steel and are usually stored and handled in stainless steel or ... Lubricant and softener in sizes, spinfinish lubricant, antistatic agent for synthetics, dye leveller, detergent, lubricants and …

  • DUST-BAN 7977 - CV Solutions, Inc

    DUST-BAN 7977 liquid dust control agent is recommended for long-term (“residual”) dust suppression of bulk ... DUST-BAN 7977 is an organic-based surfactant and tackifier in easy-to-apply liquid form. The tacky ... stainless steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene tanks. Galvanized metals, mild steel…

  • Clean mousse, Multipurpose clean foam formulated from ...

    The CLEAN FOAM is formulated from concentrated cleansing surfactants, alkali metal salts, sequestrant, and antistatic agent and glycolated fluid. Application Cleans all types of sensitive materials encountered in industrial environments such as plastics (even porous), Plexiglass, anodized aluminum, steel, chrome, enamel, stainless steel ...

  • Stepan

    • Primary or Secondary Surfactant • Humectant • Foam Booster • Antistatic Agent • Viscosity Builder • Compatible with anionics, nonionics and cationics . End Product Uses ... Piping of 316 stainless steel is adequate; however Teflon or fiberglass piping is preferred.

  • Most Popular Items O - Z - CLEANING pro

    A water-dilutable, non-petroleum oil emulsifier and dispersant containing the highest grade of biodegradable surfactants, wetting agents, and environmentally-responsible 'green' builders.

  • Laboratory Cleaning Solutions and Supplies - EMSDIASUM

    Laboratory Cleaning Solutions and Wipes Decon 90. The leading surface active cleaning agent/radioactive decontaminant, for laboratory, medical and specialised industrial applications.

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